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The Tailfeather Earring set brings a whole different shake to the scene! Featuring Czech glass beads, a synthetic u.v. treated blend, and a strip-wrapped iridescent rooster tail feather that adds the perfect amount of natural tone to bring it all together!


Each piece is "tied to order" and hand packaged. You can also customize this style with your own color preferences/schemes. (Some color variations are limited to bead colors, check for availability) Just message/email me with your color request or idea!

Tailfeather Earrings - Iris Green

SKU: TFEig006
  • Please allow 1-3 business days for tying and packaging. All shipping will be done via USPS, unless otherwise designated. Shipments will usually arrive within 5-7 business days. All domestic orders ship for $3.99 flat rate. Orders over $50 ship free!

  • Although most of the pieces would readily survive a fishes mouth, some of the materials are potentially delicate. (i.e. wouldn't wear it to bed..) In the event to damage to a feather, steam is a lifesaver! Simply boil a pot (or microwave some water), and hold the feathers over it. Then just use your fingers to help preen the fibers back in place. The moisture will rehydrate the feather and help it return to form. 

    For the rabbit and other fur/hair - if you happen to get something in it (dirt,makeup, lotion, oil, etc..) no worries! You can lightly wash with water and light soap. Hand dry first then finish with a blow dryer; hand preen back into place if needed. An eyebrow brush really does great for this!

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